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Yoopies is one of the most popular online platform’s specialising in home care professionals in Europe. It is available in 10 different countries and is the number one online platform of its kind in France, Switzerland, Spain and Italy with over 3 million users - it is now available in the United Kingdom.

Benjamin Suchar
Jessica Cymermar

Yoopies was set up 10 years ago in France by Benjamin Suchar and his mummy blogger friend, Jessica Cymerman. Originally launched as a childcare platform, the pair were inspired by the challenges that their own families faced whilst trying to source care. Their mission was to create an innovative online community where care providers and families could easily connect. As the platform grew other family friendly services were added such as pet care, housekeeping and tutors. The online platform allows users to browse through profiles, read reviews and post ads – all at the touch of a button. Care providers can also get involved by registering to connect with potential employers. So whether you’re searching for a last-minute babysitter, nanny or even a pet sitter or cleaner, Yoopies is here to make your search as quick and simple as possible.


Our mission is simple and clear: Yoopies aims to help parents find easily the perfect baby-sitter for their children. Thanks to a multi-criteria search (location, experiences, languages spoken, and availability calendar) and thanks to the parents’ recommendations, Yoopies gives all the clues to find the perfect match! With only a few clicks, parents can find a great baby-sitter. Yoopies is not only a website! The platform is intended to be the first online community of parents. Between the tips, SerialMother and a dedicated customer support, Yoopies is definitely on the parents' side. With more than 300 000 profiles, Yoopies is clearly the main reference for parents and it’s not over ! Yoopies launched 4 new services in 2015 : cleaning, tutoring, homecare and petsitting.

Childcare Services you can trust

Find reliable and trusted homecare with Yoopies. Whether you are looking for childcare services, tutors, cleaning services, homecare services, or pet sitting help, Yoopies has your homecare needs covered.

  • Find trusted homecare on Yoopies in just a few clicks.

    Find trusted homecare on Yoopies in just a few clicks.

    Life can be chaotic and busy, but imagine if we could simplify it a little? With Yoopies, find and manage all your homecare needs on one online space. Choose from five homecare services available to find a babysitter, hire a weekly cleaner, or organise last-minute dog sitting. You could schedule after-school tutoring for the kids, and while you're at it, find companion care for your loved ones. Whether you need regular care, one-off care, or last-minute care, finding the perfect homecare professional near you couldn't be easier!

    Trusted care is at the core of what we do. That’s why our candidate’s profiles display up-to-date reviews and references from the Yoopies community for you to consult. Gone are the days of long searches, with Yoopies 50+ search criteria, you can filter caregivers based on availability, distance, experience, and qualifications to easily find someone that suits your needs. Navigate profiles with confidence using the safety features on the website. You can easily find profiles that are manually verified and checked by the Yoopies team and filter your search to find carers with First aid and DBS checks.

  • Get in touch with homecare professionals near you.

    Get in touch with homecare professionals near you.

    Registration is completely free and allows you to browse through all five homecare services. Using our handy geolocation tool, you’re able to view all our homecare professionals near you. Once you post an ad, we’ll notify caregivers within your area, and should you need last-minute care, we’ll send a text to caregivers nearby to help you find someone fast.

    Once you've found the perfect caregiver, you can get in contact with them using our encrypted messaging tool, or by phone. There's no added paperwork, no hassle, and no stress: simply get in touch with your chosen caregiver, organise your interview, and you're good to go!

  • With Yoopies, you're in charge.

    With Yoopies, you're in charge.

    Unlike traditional agencies, Yoopies doesn't take commission or agency fees for our services. We are here to support your homecare needs from A-Z, helping you to both find and manage your caregiver on one online space. With access to Employer guidance, find, book, and pay your caregiver with confidence. There are no hidden costs, the caregiver sets their price, you add their hours worked and their payment can be automated directly on the platform. We know that life doesn’t always go to plan. That’s why we’ll send you a monthly recap of your caregiver’s planned hours, as well as the opportunity to adjust their working hours accordingly. Easily keep track of your payments with monthly invoices and access to priority customer support to guide you every step of the way.

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